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10 Kitchen Cleaning Tips You Can Really Use

10 Kitchen Cleaning Tips You Can Really Use

  • Contributed by Tammilee Tillison of Tammilee Tips

    Today we are sharing Kitchen Cleaning Tips you can really use!

    These are tips that will help you keep your kitchen clean without pulling out your hair and causing undue stress! We all have crazy busy lives and cleaning the kitchen for hours on end is probably not high on your to do list, but we all know that clean feels good so check out these quick tips to get your kitchen back in shape.

10 Kitchen Cleaning Tips You Can Really Use

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    Start with an empty dishwasher Most of the dirty dishes in our house are produced during dinner prep and dinner. By starting with a dishwasher that has space for the dishes they no longer get stacked up in the sink. As soon as dinner is over and the table is cleared the dishwasher is started for the night. In the morning we empty the dishwasher and start the day fresh.

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    Use a Scotch-Brite Extreme Scrub Sponge so you don't have to worry about stinky sponge smell! The extreme scrub sponge is treated to resist bacterial odors and has 4x the scrubbing power of the next leading brand on tough, baked-on messes, allowing everyone to clean easier and avoid smelly sponges.

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    Keep a spray bottle of all-purpose kitchen cleaner on the counter within reach This easy to make cleaner is perfect for making sure you can quickly wipe up spills and splashes. Mix white vinegar, water, and a few drops of lemon and lime essential oils in your spray bottle. This cleaner smells great and works! You can easily wipe up spills as they happen.

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    Print off a kitchen cheat sheet for reminders of what to clean daily, weekly, monthly Scotch-Brite Brand has a great kitchen cheat sheet that is the perfect reminder to place on the refrigerator. This super easy to glance at list is the perfect reminder for everyone in the family what needs to be done each day.

Extreme Scrub Sponge
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    Wipe down microwave spills when they happen If you have caked on gunk in your microwave try microwaving a few wet paper towels on high for 3-5 minutes. The moisture will work into the gunk and you can wipe the microwave clean with the extreme scrub sponge.

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    Tackle the counter top while dinner is cooking We all have the area in the kitchen that seems to accumulate all the stuff we get in the mail, from our families, and our bags. While dinner is cooking do a quick clean through these piles and prioritize what needs to be handled tonight, tomorrow or in the future. Pass out papers/mail/stuff that is specific to each family member and have them go through the papers. Designate one spot for outgoing mail and papers that need to be signed preferably outside of the kitchen.

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    Eliminate stuck on food as soon as you can. You know those cheesy, yummy dishes we all love to enjoy but hate to clean up! The extreme scrub sponge eliminates the need for deep soaking of your dishes. Use it to clean off the cheesy goodness before placing the dish in the dishwasher. This will eliminate dishes piling up in the sink.

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    Keep your most used kitchen tools easily accessible I am pretty sure I use 20% of my kitchen tools 80% of the time. I place these tools in an easy to reach canister on the counter top so I don't have to hunt for them each night. I can easily find what I need while cooking and easily put them away once they are clean. The rest of the tools are kept in the kitchen drawers for when I need them.

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    Clean out the fridge as you prepare dinner Keep a garbage can within easy reach as you are preparing dinner. As you see things in the fridge that are past their “good by” date or fruits/veggies that are turning south quickly you can easily toss them in the garbage. Eliminate having to go back and clean out the fridge at a later time.

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    Take a moment to enjoy your clean kitchen There is nothing like walking into a clean kitchen. It just feels good. Take a moment to enjoy your clean kitchen and all of your hard work!

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